Bulb Ball Town

My inspiration is that one day I was on my way to my home at the midnight, and I could hear the voice of step behind me (There was no one there). I began to walk as fast as I could, but when I stop and looked around. The voice was stop as well so I realised that the voice was the echo from me.

Finally, I think about that maybe I can create a story about fear and the background could be about dark and light which relate to the situation at that night.

The story is about the Bulb Ball town which locate in the dark forest, and it is the only place with light. Because there is a bulb ball tree in the town, people take the bulb ball from the tree and decorate in their house. Cece is a girl who send the bulb balls to people when they need. One day she bump into Ed who live in dark forest need her help to find some bulb balls to decorate his forest.

(There are 22 pages of story, and I display the first 6 pages here.)

  • Illustrator: Star Cheng 
  • Year: 2013
  • Categories: Illustration


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